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~The impossibility of saving them all is not an excuse for doing nothing at all~

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Every so often we receive "Urgent" rescue requests for a dog in a shelter that has serious medical needs -- often requiring surgery and/or complicated care.  These dogs would ordinarily not make it out of the shelter in their current state of health, but with veterinary treatment and TLC, they become wonderful companions.

In just one month, we rescued 9 dogs. Several were older dogs that had been tossed away by a family who once loved them and a few that were neglected their whole lives.

The Hope Angel Fund was created to ask for emergency funds specifically for the dogs that need extra care and attention before they can go to their forever homes. Your contribution makes sure we never have to make a decision about whether a particular dog will leave the shelter or be put down. 

Pictured below is Marley. He was a stray puppy (approx. 8 mo old) from the Central Valley. He came from a situation where he had no attention, was covered in mats and was in very bad shape. Our veterinarian had to sedate him in order to shave him so that his hair would stop pulling every time he moved and to determine what other medical issues he had besides his cherry eye. 

As you can see, after months of medical and foster care - Marley found his forever home. 

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