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Congratulations!   You found a dog you are interested in adopting.


The first step is to fill out our Adoption Application. When your application is received, if the dog is still available, a NorCal volunteer will contact you to arrange both a meet and greet with “your” dog and a home safety check if the dog is still available.

After this is completed, and we all agree a good match has been made, we will coordinate delivery of your dog. At that time you will sign the adoption agreement and pay the adoption donation fee.


All dogs receive a vet check, are spayed/neutered, all vaccinations, heartworm test, microchipped, and care for any medical issues that have been identified.


Our adoption fees are:

$400 for adult dogs

$475 for puppies

Our support and interaction does not end when we leave the dog with you. One of our volunteers will follow up to see how the adoption is working out. You and your dog will always be a part of our NorCal family!

NorCal Cocker Rescue is an all-volunteer 501(c)3 non-profit organization. We can do this work only because of the donations received from adopters and donors like you. Our dogs are primarily rescued from public shelters and most have not received the proper care which cocker spaniels require. Funds raised are used to rehabilitate and care for these wonderful animals. The fees stated are the minimums required and only cover ~50% of the average amount spent on each NorCal dog. Any additional amount you can offer will be greatly appreciated, is fully tax deductible, and goes directly to help us save more dogs.


If you have questions about the dog you are interested in, you can always contact Joann ( ; (916) 541-5149) to learn more.



NorCal Cocker Rescue (NCCR) evaluates all applicants on a case by case basis and does not guarantee that all prospective adopters will be approved. We reserve the right to choose the adoptive families we feel are most suited to our dogs' needs at the time of application. 
In addition, NCCR reserves the right to redirect applicants to a dog that better fits their lifestyle in order to have a successful adoption. Disapproval simply means that NCCR does not feel it has the right cocker for the applicant at the present time; it is not a reflection on the applicant's character. If concerns present themselves at any time during the adoption process, NCCR also reserves the right to reevaluate your application.

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