The Word on Walter

NorCal’s sweet older boy, Walter, waited quite a long time for the perfect family. At adoption events, this quiet boy was more interested in trying to score a cookie than showing off for potential adopters. 

     Nonetheless, Walter’s lucky day came when he met Joanna and Mike who decided Walter would be the perfect addition to their family.

     Walter was greeted by balloons, a welcome banner, and a poster hand-made by Walter’s new pals, Mike and Joanna’s granddaughters.

     " We were honored to adopt him.  Thanks again for everything you do.   Walter is in good hands.  I didn't think I'd love him this much already!  He will be a bright spot in our lives," wrote Mike shortly after Walter moved in.

     We love getting updates on our NorCal dogs, and Mike wrote again to fill us in on how Walter is doing. “Walter is adapting well to us.  My grand daughters love him and he is VERY good with them.  I took him for a walk and he was
very well behaved. Joanna is just as
enamored with him as I am.” 

     After waiting patiently for months, Walter is enjoying the good life, napping with his new mom, watching TV on the patio, and “helping” his dad by slaying those pesky sprinklers in the yard.

     Congratulations, Walter!

    (and Mike and Joanna, too!)

When Failure IS an Option!

Sometimes we "just get a feeling" about a person and a dog. You might remember this sweet girl we rescued from the Tracy shelter. Timid Tammy was a little shy and scared easily. When her foster mom, Karen, came to meet her, this dog just settled in! Tammy spent some time snuggling up to her foster mom (and foster grandma!) and we could tell something bigger

was happening. It didn't take long for it to become clear to Karen that she was destined to be a foster failure. That's the term we lovingly give to our fosters who just can't bear to part with the dogs they've come to love as their own. 
     When Karen wrote to give us an update she said, "I could not have asked for a better match. She is just adorable and perfect for me!" Tammy learned to use the 

doggie door her very first day in her new home, and Karen learned that Tammy loves music and watching TV, so Tammy now gets to watch Animal Planet when her mom's out. 

     We are so happy for Tammy and Karen, and we welcome them to NorCal's foster failure family!

We think Tammy knew exactly what she was doing when she met Karen!

     Several weeks ago I went to the Solano County Shelter to pick up a cocker. While the paperwork was being completed I was asked to take a look at another dog. Shelter staff are always doing their best to place dogs but we shudder when this question is asked. Most of the time, there’s barely enough foster space for the one we are getting let alone space for an extra. Walking away from a shelter dog is the hardest part of this job. This time, however, NorCal simply had no place to put another dog. I did look at him, however, and saw a totally terrified little dog.  

Go, Diego, Go! Another Failed Foster!

     His name was Diego and he had lived with a family for seven years. A year ago this family had a baby. Diego got along just fine with the baby and everyone else including cats. Then for unknown reasons they decided they had no time for him and surrendered Diego to the public shelter. He was so confused and scared it was clear the shelter would not be able to put him up for adoption at their facility. He was just sitting on that little bed shaking and apparently had been doing it since he arrived. As I was leaving I noticed the sign saying all animals in that shelter are subject to transfer to UCD for research purposes which did not make my exit any easier. I did not take Diego that day but he was not out of my mind.

     Several days passed and Diego’s situation continued to bother me.  All our foster options were taken and his time was short.  His little graying muzzle reminded me of Ginger, a little doxie I’d met earlier in the year. Ginger lived with Lori who had fostered a cocker with hopes of adopting her. It turned out that cocker was not a good fit for her home and I was told she was now waiting to get a puppy from a breeder. After literally having a bad dream about Diego and that “transfer to research” option I decided to take a chance that the puppy had not arrived yet. 

     I called Lori who was very nice but explained she had recently adopted a little stray puppy she named Lilly and would not be able to take a foster dog. I wasn’t giving up, but I was out of ideas. The next day Lori called me to say, after thinking about it overnight, she had changed her mind and could provide a temporary home for Diego.  Knowing her to be a kind, thoughtful person with a good dog home I was sure she would be able to manage it.  Two days later, we picked up Diego who was transformed into a happy little guy the minute he left the shelter kennels.  He moved in with Lori and her two dogs and we began the search for Diego’s forever home. It was a short search.         There were a few problems but Lori was willing to work through them.  She didn’t make the final decision until Diego had lived in her home for a couple of weeks.  When we were arranging to have photos taken for our adoptable dogs site she said, “That won’t be necessary."   It was the happiest of endings for us and, we think, the happiest of beginnings for Lori and her adorable, expanded pack.

Lori with Diego and the pack.

What Would You Do with $500?

 UPDATE: We won! Thanks to everyone who voted for NorCal!

  We can tell you what NorCal Cocker Rescue would do. We'd use it to save more dogs! Stop by the Green Acres Nursery in Roseville on Saturday, August 2, 2016 to say Hi and cast a vote for NorCal Cocker Rescue. Green Acres will donate $500 to the rescue group that gets the most votes. Green Acres is also offering a discount to all shoppers who shop with their dogs, and they'll have information on pet-safe plants, as well as a hip puppy lounge where your furry pal can relax. We will also have some adoptable dogs there, so why wouldn't you stop by?​

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Heroic Walter, protecting his people from a sprinkler.

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